MADISON is now pregnant!

“I have been working with Pooja for about six months and have no more bloating, my acne is clearing up, and for the first time in a long time, I know WHY I was feeling bad and what to do to make me feel better. Pooja walks through life with you and creates protocols for your specific needs. As I am writing this review I can happily say I’m 3 weeks pregnant and so very thankful for Pooja and all she has done to help me and my growing family achieve the health we are seeking in life. ”

MICHAELA has regular periods & no pms!

“I started working with Pooja in May and we had our last session at the end of September. By November, I was having regular periods and no PMS at all, bloating had become a rare occurrence, and I could eat almost everything again. A few months later, I have zero food restrictions + steady and balanced energy and focus.”

Sarah is balancing out her hormones + energy levels!

"I have made huge progress in identifying root causes for my symptoms, determining food triggers, and balancing out my hormones and energy levels. Pooja continues to impress me not only with her professionalism but also with the way in which she personally supports and cares for each of her clients. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking holistic care for hormonal and gut issues and cannot express enough how much of a joy it has been to work with her this past year."

Emily overcame chronic illnesses + is feeling much happier and energetic!

"Within a year, I have overcome candida, parasites, hypothyroidism, EBV, SIBO, and adrenal fatigue. This was all through Pooja’s support. Functional medicine is an investment and lifestyle change, but it is absolutely worth it! I would have never expected to reduce bloat, minimize constipation, and experience more happiness and energy daily in just one short year."

MARISSA has better skin + more energy!

"My skin is much better, I have more energy, and am stronger too! What I appreciate most about Pooja is her patience and explaining the cause and effect of the body and what needs addressing and methods of what needs importance first and so forth like layers of an onion!"

SREE has healed her gut issues!

"I used to suffer from bloating every single day! I visited multiple gastroenterologists but no one could fix my gut issues. Pooja was the first person to identify the cause of all my health symptoms like low energy levels, poor sleep, and gut issues! Working with Pooja gave me hope that I can be free of all my symptoms. Her words are comforting in times when you think there is no hope. I can happily recommend Pooja to anyone who is looking for answers to heal their health problems."


If you're finally ready for hormone healing, aka...

Have regular and pain free monthly periods (sans the pill)

Clear skin

Robust energy

Weight loss

Better moods

No bloat, gas, or bowel irregularities

Less hair loss and hair growth in unwanted places

Improved chances for fertility and pregnancy

Feeling confident in your body!

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Join the other women who have gone through my signature program, discovered the root cause of their symptoms, and used the science of functional nutrition to achieve optimal hormone health.

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